Valhalla foals 2012




In 2012 we expect to establish a new record!!

Right now we have 3 foals and 5 more mares are in foal -  so all in all we expect 7 Welsh Cob foals. And if we really succeed having that many it will be a new record at Valhalla!!

You are most welcome to come and have a look -  or to ask questions reg. the foals; some of them will be for sale! Let us proudly introduce the first arrivals:


welsh cob valhallas hot chili web1.JPGwelsh cob valhallas hot chili web2.jpgPhotos: Karoline & Laura

1. Valhallas Hot Chili

Filly, born 13th April, chestnut with blaze and 4 white feet

Sire: HS Monty Python

Dam: Su.Ch. Valhallas Hot Chocolate by Su.Ch. Menai Sparkling Imperial



welsh mountain valhallas bo web1.JPG Photo: Karoline & Laura

2. Valhallas B???  -  Welsh Mountain sec.A

Colt, born 25th April, bay (will turn grey) with blaze and 3 white feet

Sire: Su.Ch. Nantdywyll Llenor

Dam: Su.Ch. Pendock Bellavista



welsh cob valhallas lord web1.jpg Photo: Karoline & Laura

3. Valhallas L???

Colt, born 28th April, bay with blaze and 2 whites

Sire: HS Monty Python

Dam: Su.Ch. Trevallion Lady Lillian by Su.Ch. Trevallion Flash Jack



Here is the list of the other expected foals:


·      App. 3rd May: Valhallas Zambuca & HS Monty Python

welsh cob Valhallas Zambuca web1.jpg & monty1 web.jpg


·      App 6th May: Valhallas Emma & HS Monty Python

emmacent02 & monty4 web.jpg


·      App. 15th May: Valhallas Queen of Hearts & Valhallas Limelight

queen web1.JPG & Valhallas Limelight aug 08 web2.jpg


·     App. 19th May: Valhallas Victoria & Brynithon The Gigalo

Welsh Cob Valhallas Victoria på RW mili peel web1 & Brynithon The Gigalo


·      App. 7th July: Wedog Solitaire & Valhallas Limelight

welsh cob wedog solitaire web2    & Valhallas Limelight aug 08 web2.jpg



Some of the 2012 foals will be for sale. If you are interested in buying a Valhalla foal, you are most welcome to contact us, also if you just want to know more!!

You can read more about the stallions in the “Stallions” section (look in the main menu), and much more about the mares in the “Photos & Results” section, where each mare now has her own page.