Valhalla Welsh Cobs -  Sales List 2012

Right now we can offer 3 great young Welsh Cob males for sale:

·       A dun 4 year old gelding, lightly backed and ready to get started under saddle

·       A soon 2 year old colt, almost black, that could have stallion potential -  and will be a large and lovely ridden Cob

·       A soon 1 year old colt, jet black, which will stay a pony (under 148 cm) and has stallion potential!


Call us, or send an e-mail, if you would like to know more about any of these 3 fine 'boys'!


Welsh Cob Valhallas Victor Llwyd okt 2010 web1 welsh cob valhallas victor llwyd 050410 CAJ web1


Valhallas Victor Llwyd   Dun 4 year old gelding, born 19th May 2008, 4 white socks, black limbs. Registered in WPCS (green passport)

Right now 156 cm (at least 15.1 hh)

Sire: Valhallas Limelight (palomino)

Dam: Su.Ch. Valhallas Victoria by Su.Ch. Fronarth Victor

With Victor we offer a really unique Cob for sale: One of our best colts has now been gelded, because we are very demanding and selective!  -  and at the same time we offer a chance to buy a dun Welsh Cob with great colour and markings -  probably the only Cob of this kind in the country. Normally this kind of a quality Welsh Cob in these colours achieve very high prices in the sales in Wales  -  and with Victor we offer this possibility in Denmark!

On top of this Victor is one of the first offspring out of our champion broodmare, Valhallas Victoria, to be offered for sale -  so type, pedigree, conformation etc. is all high quality. This has been proven already, as Victor was shown as a colt during 2009, when he as a yearling won his class in 3 consecutive shows! Great reults that underline, that he is a true Cob of very high quality.

Victor is now a really mature, well-grown gelding with substance and robustness. He is very cooperative and during the autumn he was lightly backed in order for him to get used to the saddle and a rider. He had a long holiday during the winter to relax and grow, but now he is ready to start serious work under saddle.

Victor has been fully vaccinated, and will be sold with his green passport from WPCS.


NEWS: You can watch a short 'winter video' of Victor at YouTube:



Tekstboks: NEWS: Lancelot has been sold to Paula Viita in Finland!Lancelot web3.JPGLancelot web2.JPGPhotos: Christian Lebrecht

Valhallas Lancelot    Black  2 year old colt. WSB 88826




Allegro web2.jpgAllegro web3.JPG Photos (as foal): Christian Lebrecht

Valhallas Allegro    Very dark liver chestnut  (looks black) 2 year old colt, born 24th May 2010. Registered in WPCS as WSB 88824

Expected to be app. 152-155 cm (15 hh).

Sire: Menai Cardi Gambler by Menai Cosmos

Dam: Su.Ch. Valhallas Emma by Laburnum Magic

Allegro is a smart, elegant Welsh Cob with great potential under saddle -  just like his successful 'uncles' Menai Martino and Menai Cardi Llwyd, who both have done so well in the UK:

Menai Martino.jpgMenai Cardi Llwyd.jpg

Allegro has a long, clean front and a good length of rein. He will be quite big, at least 15 hh (min. 152 cm) and he could also -  with his great pedigree -  become a sire of nice, ridden Welsh Cobs. Allegro has been fully vaccinated, and will be sold with his green passport from WPCS. If you would like him to be licensed with WPCS (or even gelded) -  this can be arranged before he leaves the stud.  


NEWS: You can now watch a 'winter video' of Allegro at YouTube:



Welsh Cob Valhallas Macchiato web2.JPGwelsh cob Valhallas Macchiato web1 Photos: Karoline & Laura

Valhallas Macchiato  Black yearling colt, born 16th June 2011, black with a star and 2 whites (behind) Registered in WPCS as WSB 92954

Expected to stay under 148 cm!

Sire: Su.Ch. Ringside Thomas

Dam: Su.Ch. Valhallas Maggie May by Su.Ch. Menai Sparkling Imperial

A beautiful, black yearling colt with the looks and colours that makes a future stallion -  and/or a good looking ridden pony. Macchiato has been named after Karen's favourite coffee: Jet black with a splash of white! But the name is a bit long, so at home he is just "Mac".

Mac is for sale to a 'serious' new home, that will offer him a chance as a colt/potential stallion and/or give him a career under saddle -  just like his beautiful, well-known sire, Ringside Thomas, who is right now in the UK doing exactly that: Photos: Ringside stud (UK)

Mac is fully vaccinated, and will be sold with his green passport from WPCS.


If you are looking for a foal of potential champion quality, you can always give us a call or send us an e-mail!

Have a look in the section with photos and information about our mares, and pick your favourite.

Valhallas Jesse James, oktober 2000           Valhalla's Maggie May juni 2002



Maj 2004

All our Cobs live in large and sheltered fields in the hills of the beautiful Røsnæs peninsula. They therefore are born and raised under optimum and very natural conditions, and with a magnificent view over the Kalundborg fjord.

Valhalla hopper juli 2006 Britt web.jpg Photo: Britt H. Nielsen

It might be, that the Cobs don't enjoy the view themselves, but you are most welcome to come and visit us  - and judge that yourself.

- but please call first and make an appointment.