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The sections: "News" & "Foals" &

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2nd May:

welsh cob valhallas kiss me kate web1.jpg

Photo: Charlotte Jensen

We have just come back from our first show this year,

and our yearling filly Valhallas Kiss-Me-Kate was no.1!

Read more in 'News'.


We have also started having foals!

Right now we have had 3 foals!!

welsh cob valhallas hot chili web1.JPG

Photo: Karoline & Laura

Read more in 'Foals'!



Welsh Cob Valhallas Victor Llwyd okt 2010 web1.jpg

Photo: Christian Lebrecht

Right now we can offer 3 male Welsh Cobs for sale:

-  a grand, dun 4 years old gelding

-  a 2 year old colt (almost black)

-  a soon yearling colt  (black)

Read more about our 'boys' in the "Sales List"!


And some of this year's foals will be for sale;

please let us know, if any of the foals could have your interest!



Karen B. Olsen & Carl Trock

Skambaekvej 14

DK-4400 Kalundborg


Phone: + 45 59 50 87 84 (evenings)

Mobile: + 45 26 74 60 03