Welsh Cobs in general

Welsh Cobs are the largest of the Welsh ponies and small horses. They measure more than 138 cm (13.2 hh), and are normally between 142 and 152 cm (14.1 and 15 hh). In the Welsh studbook they are registered as section D. All colours are accepted, apart from piebald and skewbald, but black, bay and chestnut are the most common.

Welsh Cobs are quite often described as "the Worlds best ride- and drive horse"!

They have been bred for generations focusing on a brave, willing and hardy animal, that can live out all year round - in most climates. The general characteristics are hardiness, strength and versatility.

The basic parts of the standard description of the Welsh Cob is:

  A beautiful Welsh Cob head!!

The head must be full of quality and pony character with bold eyes, well set ears and a broad forehead. The neck lengthy and well carried. The body deep, muscular, strong and well-coupled. Limbs muscular and strong with large joints and short, flat cannon bone.

To illustrate the standard description of the breed we have chosen to show you 4 of our personal favourites:


                 Tardebigge Esther                                       Tydfil Magic Princess


Fronarth Victor                                            Danaway Flashjack


The action of the Welsh Cobs is the core characteristic: It is straight from the shoulder, free and powerful, covering ground well and pushed forward from a powerful hock action.

The Welsh Cob is a superb family pony, and with its versatility it is equally suitable for riding and driving - at home and in shows. The size makes it useful for riders of almost any age, and the good and powerful movement is a good basis for dressage, show jumping or cross country.


More information about the Welsh Cobs in Denmark can be found with the Danish Welsh Pony & Cob Society, e.g. if you have a look at the homepage of the society: http://www.welshponyer.dk/

Or you can contact the mother society in Wales (see the section “Links”).